Media coverage of the 2007 tour

Yachts, Footprints and Dealing with Draughts! Mukti Mitchell, low carbon lifestyle pioneer and director of CosyHome Company, talks about sailing around Britain, low carbon living, and insulating your period property. Brockwood Park School, 2012

"When I heard about Mukti's talk I thought I knew what to expect. I couldn't have been more wrong - Mukti has given us all an opportunity to reassess the way we talk about climate change. I was a sceptic about the "no guilt" approach, but I saw Mukti in action and I now believe that it is the only way to get people to change behaviour - and it really works, it immediately makes people relax and open up to what Mukti's saying, which of course makes sense. - No pressure, no judgment, and it is remarkably powerful - an inspiration." - Jessie Rogers, Lymington

"Informative, relaxed, direct - powerful. Mukti is a real-life Al Gore event and equally impressive." - Sue Gould, Southampton

"My sceptical husband came out thoroughly enthused because of the lack of hairshirt and direction to enjoy!" - Nicola Schumacher, Aberystwyth

Mukti's appearance on Minnesota TV...see the video here...

Mukti featured in ITV’s Boat Show programme...see the video here...

Listen to Mukti Mitchell's complete talk on low carbon lifestyles, given at the Lyme Regis Marine Theatre on Tuesday 9th October 2007, and recorded by Lyme Regis Radio. (The talk lasts approximately 1hr 30 mins including questions.)


12 Minute talk by Mukti Mitchell about his low carbon lifestyle and sail around Britain...

(Broadcast on Lantern FM March 2008)


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